Our Top Janitorial Sellers

Custodial SuppliesBefore placing your usual order for custodial supplies, you should consider checking out other suppliers to see what they have to offer. At Reclaimed Textiles Co., we provide our customers with top-notch textiles for all of their needs including dusting, mopping, and wiping up messes. Check out some of our top janitorial sellers below.

Color Knit- Used mainly for general cleanup, this particular textile is commonly purchased by our clients. It is versatile in how it can be used because it is durable and can handle large messes.

White Sheets- If you need wipers that will not bleed onto the surface you are cleaning, you have found the ideal one for your needs. The white sheets are very absorbent when it comes to cleaning up messes and has very little lint, so it is suitable for staining projects.

White Towels- From polishing to dusting, you can depend on our white towels to be absorbent. These particular textiles can be used in various locations including homes and businesses.

If you are interested in buying any of the custodial supplies listed above or on our website, you can call us at (888) 215-8216 right away. We will place your order and determine a timeframe for delivery, so you can prepare to start using custodial supplies from us.

Why Should You Purchase Cleaning Cloths Wholesale

Cleaning Cloths WholesaleAt Reclaimed Textiles Co., our eco-friendly team recycles materials to reduce the number of textiles that go to the landfills. With this process, we are protecting the environment and offering our customers quality products at an affordable price. Check out a couple more reasons you should purchase wholesale cleaning cloths from us below.

Reduce Unnecessary Spending- Ultimately, saving money is the real reason why business owners decide to switch products or suppliers. Why would someone spend more money when he or she can pay less and still receive high-quality cleaning cloths? Do not restructure your business’s budget because you are spending money on unnecessary costs. Turning to Reclaimed Textiles Co. for cleaning cloths will help you save money, where you were overspending.

BULK- Whenever you purchase wholesale items, you can generally buy it in larger quantities. No more worrying about running out of cleaning cloths because you will have a substantial stockpile for your employees to use on a daily basis.

Place your order for cleaning cloths wholesale when you call (888) 215-8216 right now. We will help you determine how many products you need if you are ordering in bulk or which types of textiles are suited to your particular needs.

3 Industrial Wholesale Cleaning Cloths You Need

Wholesale Cleaning ClothsThe search for quality wholesale cleaning cloths is finally over when you turn to Reclaimed Textiles. Our team is proud to supply companies and small business owners with durable rags and cleaning cloths for all of their needs. For those in the industrial business, take a look below to discover which wholesale cleaning cloths you will be interested in purchasing.

White Towels- Whether you are polishing or detailing, our white towels are the ideal choice for you because these towels are very absorbent.  Another perk of selecting this particular cloth is that you can place it in the washing machine when you are ready to clean it.

Color Fleece- For the tough, heavy-duty jobs, you need something made with a stronger material. Our color fleece is made from mainly sweatshirt material which makes it soft and absorbent, but also durable.

Color Knit- This particular wiper is designed for general cleanup jobs. From cleaning up spills to wiping down machines, the color knit wiper can get the job done.

With these three choices, you have a material to help you polish, clean up heavy-duty jobs, and one for general cleanup. Start shopping for more wholesale cleaning cloths by visiting our products section on our website. Call us at (888) 215-8216 when you are ready to place your wholesale cleaning cloth order.

Janitorial Jobs that Need Our Wholesale Cleaning Cloths

Wholesale Cleaning ClothsWhen you need wholesale cleaning cloths at an affordable price, you can trust the team at Reclaimed Textiles. We supply a variety of industries with top-notch, reclaimed wiping rags including painters, janitors, and industrial businesses, along with the oil and gas industry. Below are just a few janitorial jobs that our wholesale cleaning cloths can help you wipe away.

Wiping Down Surfaces- Our color knit products are widely chosen when it comes to general cleanup because of its durability. This makes it your go-to wiper for wiping downing surfaces and other cleanups.

Mopping- When mopping up messes, you need a durable, absorbent material to complete the job. Our white terry is highly absorbent and is looped on both sides.

Dusting/Polishing- When you are dusting or polishing furniture, you will need a soft material because you do not want to scratch any of the surfaces you are cleaning. Our white knit product is made from t-shirt material which is ideal for dusting and polishing.

In the janitorial industry, you will see that every day bring new messes, but you can depend on Reclaimed Textiles to have the wholesale cleaning cloths you need. Call us today at (888) 215-8216 with questions or when you are ready to place an order with us.

Choose Us for Custodial Supplies

Custodial SuppliesTo provide a thorough clean every time you clean, you need to have high-quality materials which include durable rags and towels. If you are searching for quality custodial supplies such as wiping cloths for polishing or wiping rags for spills, you can depend on Reclaimed Textiles for a diverse selection. Here are three reasons you can trust us to be your go-to source for custodial supplies.

Absorbent Materials- Since our inventory is so diverse, we carry specific wiping rags that are ideal for cleaning up liquids. These absorbent materials are a must-have custodial supply.

Ideal for Different Cleanup Jobs- When you are dusting or polishing furniture, you will need a different type of rag. Your go-to choice should be one that is almost entirely lint-free and soft, so it will not scratch the surface you are cleaning.

Order in Bulk- Another reason to choose us is that we provide the option for ordering in bulk. We understand janitors go through a lot of cleaning supplies on a daily basis and our team wants to make sure you are always well stocked.

Next time you are placing an order for custodial supplies, give us a call at (888) 215-8216 and try our durable wiping rags.

Cleanup in the Garage With Our T-Shirt Rags

T Shirt RagsWhether you are working in an auto repair shop or in your own garage, you will understand the need to have wiping rags in reach at all times. When you are working on vehicles, it can get very messy and dirty. Discover how our t-shirt rags can help you keep your garage clean below.

Wipe Hands Clean- From changing the oil to tightening bolts, your hands will quickly be covered in dirt. You can keep your hands clean with our t-shirt rags. These rags are soft, but durable which is ideal for wiping grease from your hands.

Cleanup Liquids- Pouring liquids such as oil or brake fluid can be tricky and it is common for people to drip a little. Now you can quickly clean up minor spills with our high-quality t-shirt rags.

Keep your garage clean when you order t-shirt rags from Reclaimed Textiles. You can request a sample of our t-shirt rags by calling us at (888) 215-8216 right now.

Industrial Cleaning Rags

Industrial Cleaning RagsThe Importance of Keeping a Clean Work Area

Are you a mechanic, woodworker, cleaner, or anyone who deals with tough messes on a regular basis? You understand the value of a good, durable cleaning rag if so. Rather than spend a fortune on expensive towels that can’t stand up to your work or cheap, thin fabrics that you need to replace far too often, why not invest in some long-lasting industrial cleaning rags? You don’t need to spend tons of money on the latest new fabric discovered in a laboratory to keep your space clean—just visit a company like Reclaimed Textiles and choose from a selection of different fabrics, styles, and sizes of cleaning rags.

Keep a Variety of Industrial Cleaning Rags on Hand

Whether you clean houses or fix cars, messes are unavoidable in many lines of work. It’s important to keep your workspace clean to avoid damage to surfaces or tools, slip or fall hazards, or simply to keep your area looking tidy. Industrial cleaning rags are a great way to clean up messes of any size or intensity, so it’s best to keep a few different ones on hand. You can choose from white, lint-free t-shirt rags perfect for a range of tasks including polishing and dusting, to multi-colored absorbent towels suitable for soaking up spills before they become slip hazards. No matter what type of cleaning fabric you need, you’re sure to find it at Reclaimed Textiles.

Wiping Rags

Where to Find Wiping Rags Suitable for All Uses

When you’re working on machinery, vehicles, or any other task that results in a lot of dirt and oil everywhere, you can keep your space clean by having several wiping rags handy. Since you’re using these cloths to wipe up dirt, grime, grease, and other messes that occur during hard work, you shouldn’t spend too much money on them. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find durable, long-lasting gas and oil wiping rags that can stand up to whatever you can throw at them, so it’s important to get them from a reputable dealer who understands exactly what you need. Companies like Reclaimed Textiles provide a full range of new and reclaimed wiping rags, towels, and cloths suitable for all uses.

Keep a Variety of Fabric Materials on Hand

Depending on the job you’re handling, you may need a different type of fabric for different types of messes. It’s a good idea to keep a few different types of cloths or rags around just in case you need one for absorbing a spill, another for wiping grease from tools, and one for cleaning your tools when you’re done. There are many types of fabric rags available including terry cloth, knit rags, fleece towels, flannel cloths, and standard cotton towels. Keep a few of each to make sure your workspace stays safe and clean.

Advantages of T-Shirt Rags

Are you searching for a material that can be used for a variety of purposes? At Reclaimed Textiles, we have a diverse selection of cloths, towels, and rags for different industries including janitorial, oil and gas, painting, and industrial. One of our most popular items is our t-shirt rags. Discover why so many people purchase our t-shirt rags below.  T-Shirt Rags

Soft Material- The softness of a material is crucial when you are wiping certain surfaces. You do not want to scratch the surface. Our t-shirt rags are ideal because each one is made from an actual t-shirt and the material is soft. Whether you are dusting wood furniture or wiping dirt off of a glass surface, you should be using a soft rag to ensure you do not scratch the item you are cleaning. Another benefit is the cloths are almost entirely lint free.

Practical- Since the material is soft it is very versatile in how it can be used, which makes it very practical for many of our customers. Why would you want to have three different rags for three different jobs when you could use t-shirt rags for almost every cleaning job?

Call us today at (888) 215-8216 to place your order of t-shirt rags. Don’t forget to ask about our bulk ordering options.

Why Choose Us for Wiping Rags?

Industrial Cleaning RagsReclaimed Textiles is the go-to source for wiping rags for many businesses and people. We are proud to supply people with industrial cleaning rags and other types of cleaning cloths. Check out three reasons below why you should pick us to be your supplier for wiping rags.

Recycling- Our company has diverted over 300 million pounds of unwanted materials from going to the landfill by recycling it into reclaimed wiping rags. Instead of flooding the landfills with reusable items, we have recycled the products into a variety of cleaning cloths. When you work with us, you’re making a positive impact on the environment.

Quality Products- Our company has control over every aspect from in-house packaging to the distribution center, so we can manage the quality of our products. We take pride in delivering quality wiping rags to all of our customers.

Diverse Inventory- Regardless of the type of cleaning job you are doing, you can turn to us for a diverse inventory. From industrial cleaning rags to t-shirt rags, we have something for every industry.

These are just a couple of reasons why you should turn to our company for wholesale cleaning cloths and rags. Reach out to our team with any questions by dialing (888) 215-8216 right now.