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Additional White Wipers for all Industries

White Thermal Knit106 general purpose white thermal knit wiping rags White Thermal Knit
Product ID: 109

Medium-weight, low-linting, colorfast, all white wiper. Highly absorbent. Great for both durable and delicate applications.
White Terry Knit119 general purpose white terry knit wiping rags White Terry Knit
Product ID: 120

White, color fast. Wipers are smooth on one side and “looped” on the other. Sweatshirt weight.
White Straight Flannel140 general purpose white straight flannel wiping rags White Straight Flannel
Product ID: 140

White, color fast. Non-abrasive and absorbent. Highly absorbent with high cotton content. Excellent quality.
White Knit Sheet Seamless186 general purpose white knit sheet seamless wiping rags White Knit Sheet Seamless
Product ID: 186

White, will not bleed, absorbent wiper. Good all purpose rag. Low-lint, excellent for staining.



Toll Free (888) 215-8216