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Industrial White Wipers

White Knit
White Knit Wipers Reclaimed Textiles
White Knit
Product ID: 101

All white knit t-shirt material. Excellent all-purpose wiping, cleaning, and polishing cloth. Practically lint-free.
White Thermal Knit
109 white thermal knit Reclaimed Textiles
White Thermal Knit
Product ID: 109

Medium-weight, low-lint, color fast, all white wiper. Highly absorbent. Great for both durable and delicate applications.
White Terry
119 white terry wipers Reclaimed Textiles
White Terry
Product ID: 120

All white cotton toweling looped on both sides. A highly absorbent product.
White Towels
123 white towels whole wipers Reclaimed Textiles
124 white towels cut wipers Reclaimed Textiles
White Towels Whole
Product ID: 123

White Towels Cut

Product ID: 124

Very absorbent and ideal for all-purpose cleaning, polishing and detailing. Can be used around the auto, home and garage. Machine washable.
White Knit With Print
108 white knit with print wipers Reclaimed Textiles
White Knit With Print
Product ID: 108

An economical mixture of white and color trim or print t-shirts. Very absorbent.



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