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Oil & Gas White Wipers

White Terry
120 Oil & Gas white terry wiping rags
White Terry
Product ID: 120

All white cotton terry looped on both sides. A highly absorbent product.
White Fleece
112 oil & Gas white fleece wiping rags
White Fleece
Product ID: 112

White mainly sweatshirt material, will not bleed. Inexpensive, absorbent.
White Knit
101 oil & gas white knit wiping rags
White Knit
Product ID: 101

All white t-shirt material. Excellent all-purpose wiping, cleaning and polishing cloth. Practically lint-free.
White Towels
123 oil & gas white towles whole
124 oil & gas white towels cut
White Towels Whole
Product ID: 123

White Towels Cut

Product ID: 124

Very absorbent and ideal for all-purpose cleaning, polishing and detailing. Can be used around the auto, home and garage. Machine washable.
White Knit With Print
108 oil & gas white knit with print wiping rags
White Knit With Print
Product ID: 108

An economical mixture of white and color trim or print t-shirts. Very absorbent.



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