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Specialty Products Working Gloves

Canvas and Corduroy Gloves

These canvas and corduroy gloves are worn almost exclusively in the oilfield. They are used‚ once and done‚ throwaways because of the extremely dirty environment. They provide some padding and the corded gloves allow for better grip when caked with grease. The different colors are used to denote what crew you are with or what job you are doing. The bright colors are also used to make it easier for a foreman to‚ from a distance‚ make sure gloves are being worn.

D3018NIR double palm nap in glove 18 oz. Double Palm, nap in, red knit wrist.
D3020CDRKW D3020CDRKW corduroy double palm red knit wrist glove 20 oz. Corduroy Double Palm, red knit wrist.


  florescent gloves  
GC020   20 oz. Florescent green corduroy double palm. Knit wrist.
GC020-TC   20 oz. Florescent orange double palm. Knit wrist, poly/cotton blend.
OC020   20 oz. Florescent orange corduroy double palm.


Canvas Glove

This canvas glove has black rubber dots on it to give increased grip and wear. It is one of the most commonly sold gloves and can be used in almost any work environment.

General Use

C8610PD cotton canvas glove 10 oz. Cotton Canvas, polka dots, knit wrist.


Cotton/Polyester String Knit Glove

Cotton/poly string knit gloves are made from loose knit fabric and can be worn on either hand. They are often worn where people need minimal protection and good dexterity. They are also often used as a liner for other gloves. The S-16 is an economy version and is a non bleached white. It is available in sizes S, M, and L. The S-0316 is a premium grade‚ medium weight‚ non bleached 7 gage knit. The cuffs are color coded to denote the sizes. It is available in size S-XL.

General Use

string knit glove  
S-0316 Cotton/Polyester string knit. Sizes S-XL.
S16 Cotton/Polyester string knit. Sizes S-L.




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