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Microfiber Cleaning Products

Microfiber Cloths and Mitts

Our Microfiber cloths and mitts are made of superior blend of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide for extra durability and washability.

microfiber terry cloths Microfiber Terry Cloths are excellent for general dusting and cleaning. They attract, absorb and hold dirt incredibly well. They can be used wet or dry. Each cloth can be laundered and reused up to 300 times. Available in multiple colors.
microfiber window cloths Microfiber Window Cloths perform flawlessly on windows, glass and mirrors. They are completely lint free and never leave streaks. They are also excellent for cleaning computer screens and other delicate surfaces. Available in both green and blue.
microfiber mitts Microfiber Mitts are ideal for dusting and general cleaning. They are very useful for hard to reach areas. Washes up to 300 times.



Microfiber Wet Mops

Microfiber wet mops come in different colors to help prevent cross contamination. All mops have a double stitched, 100% nylon backing and 100% Microfiber inner layer for extra durability and can be washed up to 300 times.

looped wet mops Looped Wet Mops provides easy gliding across smooth surfaces such as wood, tile, VCT and marble.

Sizes: 13", 18", and 24"
scrubbing wet mops Scrubbing Wet Mops Added horizontal strips of polypropylene provide extra scrubbing strength and work very well with slate, stone and uneven tile.

Sizes: 13",18" and 24"
wet mpos with poliyester fringe Looped and Scrubbing Wet Mops with Polyester Fringe Our new fringed mops are designed to provide maximum cleaning especially in corners and along floor boards.

Sizes: 18" and 24"
microfiber green stripe scrubbing wet mops Green Stripe Scrubbing Wet Mops
Our latest generation wet mops provide for exceptional cleaning and have green polypropylene stripes for added scrubbing power.

Size: 18"



Microfiber “Conventional Type” Tube Mops

Our environmentally friendly Microfiber Tube Mops offer excellent absorbency and scrubbing power, and best of all can be reused hundreds of times.

microfiber tube mops Colors: Blue, Green and White
Weights: 11 oz. 14 oz., 18 oz. and
21 oz.



Microfiber Dust Mops with Fringe

Microfiber dust mops pick up dirt and dust electrostatically. Microfiber dust mops work better and last longer than typical dust mops.

microfiber dust mop with velcro back 18" -8 dzJcase
24" -6 dzJcase
36"-4 dzJcase
Dust Mop with Velcro Back
Available with a Velcro
backing that fits our aluminum frames and telescopic poles.
microfiber dust mop with canvas back 18" -8 dzJcs
24" -4dzJcs
36" -3 dzJcs
48"-3 dzJcs
Dust Mop with Canvas Back Backing is traditional canvas with pockets for conventional metal frames and wooden poles.



Microfiber High Duster Covers and Wands

Our Microfiber high duster cover and wand is excellent for cleaning hard to reach areas. Can be used as a hand held dusting tool or remove the handle and Wand clips onto our Aluminum Telescopic Pole allowing for dusting of ceiling fans, vents, light fixtures and high wall cleaning. Flexibility of blade allows users to bend in order to dust hard to reach areas.

microfiber high dust covers and wands 01 microfiber high duster covers and wands 02



Microfiber Tools

Our aluminum tools are made of the highest quality materials and 100% guaranteed.

microfiber tools
Aluminum Lockable Frames have an easy to use locking device that makes them ideal for wall and ceiling cleaning. Release the lock when wet or dry mopping. Sizes: 13", 18", 24" and 36"
Aluminum Telescopic Pole extends from 33 inches to 71 inches for high cleaning. Simply adjust the lightweight pole to the desired height for floor, wall or ceiling cleaning.



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