3 Industries that Use Our Rags

Industrial Cleaning RagsAre you looking for industrial cleaning rags to use every day? For years, people have been turning to Reclaimed Textiles for quality cloths. We supply a variety of industries with recycled and new wiping rags. Regardless of the industry you are working in, you can count on our rags to clean up messes on the job. We created a list of three industries that can benefit from using our cloths.

Automotive- Whether you are wiping oil off of your hands or cleaning up a spill, our reclaimed wiping rags will come in handy. You no longer have to wipe anything on your pants or mechanic uniform.

Janitorial- From cleaning up spills in the cafeteria to the hallway, janitors everywhere will enjoy having a high-quality rag to clean with.

Construction- This industry covers a wide range of workers from painters to tilers. If you have paint on your hands or need to wipe grout off of your hands, our rags are the ideal choice for you.

These are just a few industries that can benefit from using our reclaimed and new wipers. For additional information about our ordering process or pricing, please give us a call at (888) 215-8216 right now.

3 Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wiping Rags

Reclaimed Wiping RagsDepending on your profession, you probably need some type of rag or cloth to clean up spills or wipe your hands. There are many places you can purchase new rags, but did you know there are benefits to buying reclaimed wiping rags? Discover what these advantages are when you read more below.

Versatile- Whether you are a painter cleaning up paint or a janitor cleaning up a spill in the hallway, our reclaimed wiping rags can tackle the job. Regardless of the task, you can depend on our quality, recycled cloths.

Environment-Friendly- As a company, we are proud to have a positive impact on our environment. In our in-house operation, we recycle textiles by making wiping rags and cloths. So far, we have diverted over 100 million pounds from going to landfills.

Making a Difference- By purchasing our reclaimed wiping rags instead of new ones, you are making a conscious decision to positivity impact our environment.  You can feel good knowing you are making a difference.

Here at Reclaimed Textiles, we are proud to provide our customers with quality, industrial-strengthen cloths. If you would like more information about our recycled products, feel free to reach out to us by calling (888) 215-8216 today.