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3 Advantages to Shopping Our Rags in Bulk

Shop Rags in Bulk At Reclaimed Textiles, we want to make it simple and convenient for our customers to shop rags in bulk. Our reclaimed textiles can be very beneficial, especially when purchased in bulk. Discover some advantages below of buying our products in large quantities.

Save Money- When you purchase reclaimed rags in bulk, you are saving money on shipping and the overall price. If you are in an industry that uses a lot of rags, it is best to buy in bulk.

Always Have a Supply- Your business will always have a stock of rags ready to be used when you shop in bulk. You do not have to worry about ordering as often, which is a great time saver.

Eco-Friendly- Did you know you can make a positive impact on the environment by ordering in bulk? If you are going to order rags from us on a regular basis, it requires more shipping materials. When you shop our rags in bulk, we can send you more items at one time rather than ship a few pieces at a time.

Whether you are searching for new or reclaimed textile products, you can turn to us for all your industrial and janitorial needs. Contact our team today by calling (888) 215-8216 for additional information about our ordering process.