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3 Industrial Wholesale Cleaning Cloths You Need

Wholesale Cleaning ClothsThe search for quality wholesale cleaning cloths is finally over when you turn to Reclaimed Textiles. Our team is proud to supply companies and small business owners with durable rags and cleaning cloths for all of their needs. For those in the industrial business, take a look below to discover which wholesale cleaning cloths you will be interested in purchasing.

White Towels- Whether you are polishing or detailing, our white towels are the ideal choice for you because these towels are very absorbent.  Another perk of selecting this particular cloth is that you can place it in the washing machine when you are ready to clean it.

Color Fleece- For the tough, heavy-duty jobs, you need something made with a stronger material. Our color fleece is made from mainly sweatshirt material which makes it soft and absorbent, but also durable.

Color Knit- This particular wiper is designed for general cleanup jobs. From cleaning up spills to wiping down machines, the color knit wiper can get the job done.

With these three choices, you have a material to help you polish, clean up heavy-duty jobs, and one for general cleanup. Start shopping for more wholesale cleaning cloths by visiting our products section on our website. Call us at (888) 215-8216 when you are ready to place your wholesale cleaning cloth order.

Janitorial Jobs that Need Our Wholesale Cleaning Cloths

Wholesale Cleaning ClothsWhen you need wholesale cleaning cloths at an affordable price, you can trust the team at Reclaimed Textiles. We supply a variety of industries with top-notch, reclaimed wiping rags including painters, janitors, and industrial businesses, along with the oil and gas industry. Below are just a few janitorial jobs that our wholesale cleaning cloths can help you wipe away.

Wiping Down Surfaces- Our color knit products are widely chosen when it comes to general cleanup because of its durability. This makes it your go-to wiper for wiping downing surfaces and other cleanups.

Mopping- When mopping up messes, you need a durable, absorbent material to complete the job. Our white terry is highly absorbent and is looped on both sides.

Dusting/Polishing- When you are dusting or polishing furniture, you will need a soft material because you do not want to scratch any of the surfaces you are cleaning. Our white knit product is made from t-shirt material which is ideal for dusting and polishing.

In the janitorial industry, you will see that every day bring new messes, but you can depend on Reclaimed Textiles to have the wholesale cleaning cloths you need. Call us today at (888) 215-8216 with questions or when you are ready to place an order with us.