Industrial Textile Products in Dallas, TX

Since 1994, we have been serving our customers by providing quality textiles to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of their daily job responsibilities. Over the years, we have established a positive reputation for building strong relationships with our clients in a wide range of industries and having a high standard in which our textile products consistently meet. We are a primary source of custodial supplies and wiping rags for large and small industrial supply stores throughout the United States.

At Reclaimed Textiles, we provide cleaning cloths at wholesale prices which makes ordering from us even more convenient. We package and distribute all of our products from our in-house production center located in Dallas, Texas. Since we are in control of our production and distribution, we are able to reduce our impact on the environment by converting recycled materials. If you would like additional information about our industrial cleaning rags, you can contact us today by calling (888) 215-8216.

Cleaning & Wiping Supplies for Industrial Applications

Our in-house production, packaging, and distribution system allows us to control every step of the process, giving us the ability to manage our operations in the way that works best for us. In keeping with our goal of conserving resources to preserve the environment, we use and convert recycled and secondary materials to create our products.

From industrial wiping rags and disposable protective clothing to cleaning and wiping supplies, our textiles are used in a broad variety of industries. When you choose us for all of your industrial and custodial textile needs, we treat you like royalty and give you the service you deserve. Whether you’re buying new or recycled, you can expect the same high standard of quality every time you purchase from us.

Metal Detection System

Delivering our customers the highest-quality of reclaimed textiles is our top priority because we value every one of our clients. Since we purchase materials from various sources, we take extra precautions to ensure our customers’ safety and that no machinery will be damaged due to unknown metals in our industrial cleaning rags. To help us exceed in quality, we use a metal detection system that is similar to the one at airports to locate ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, and stainless steel.

Count On Our Company as Your Rag Suppliers

As one of the premier rag suppliers in the country, our reclaimed wiping rags as well as our new wipers and towels can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. From janitorial work to wiping oil and gas in mechanic shops to painting and more, our rags are a useful tool in any application where wiping rags are needed. We also sell absorbents, work gloves, coveralls, and microfiber products to suit all of your industrial needs. The variety and quality of our products have given us the opportunity to serve a broad base of clients in our more than 20 years of business. We look forward to adding you to our ever-growing number of satisfied customers, so be sure to reach out to us when you’re ready to begin working together.

Contact us for more information about our industrial textile products. We serve industrial chain stores throughout the US.