Choose Us for Custodial Supplies

Custodial SuppliesTo provide a thorough clean every time you clean, you need to have high-quality materials which include durable rags and towels. If you are searching for quality custodial supplies such as wiping cloths for polishing or wiping rags for spills, you can depend on Reclaimed Textiles for a diverse selection. Here are three reasons you can trust us to be your go-to source for custodial supplies.

Absorbent Materials- Since our inventory is so diverse, we carry specific wiping rags that are ideal for cleaning up liquids. These absorbent materials are a must-have custodial supply.

Ideal for Different Cleanup Jobs- When you are dusting or polishing furniture, you will need a different type of rag. Your go-to choice should be one that is almost entirely lint-free and soft, so it will not scratch the surface you are cleaning.

Order in Bulk- Another reason to choose us is that we provide the option for ordering in bulk. We understand janitors go through a lot of cleaning supplies on a daily basis and our team wants to make sure you are always well stocked.

Next time you are placing an order for custodial supplies, give us a call at (888) 215-8216 and try our durable wiping rags.