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Whether you are looking for custodial supplies or industrial wiping rags, you can trust Reclaimed Textiles for quality products. If you are interested in a product, but you are unsure if we carry it, you can contact us by email or phone. We’ll work with you to better understand your needs, so we can recommend which of our products are right for you. Your privacy is vital to us, so we do not share any of your information without your permission.

For your convenience, we can answer inquiries in English and Spanish. Para major comunicar, podemos asistir en Espanol.

Reclaimed Textiles
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Toll-Free: (888) 215-9216

When you are searching for quality textile products, you can trust Reclaimed Textiles. If you are interested in a sample of our reclaimed wiping rags, you can contact us by calling (214) 638-7551 or send an email to today. When you send an email, we will respond as soon as we can.

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