Our Top Janitorial Sellers

Custodial SuppliesBefore placing your usual order for custodial supplies, you should consider checking out other suppliers to see what they have to offer. At Reclaimed Textiles Co., we provide our customers with top-notch textiles for all of their needs including dusting, mopping, and wiping up messes. Check out some of our top janitorial sellers below.

Color Knit- Used mainly for general cleanup, this particular textile is commonly purchased by our clients. It is versatile in how it can be used because it is durable and can handle large messes.

White Sheets- If you need wipers that will not bleed onto the surface you are cleaning, you have found the ideal one for your needs. The white sheets are very absorbent when it comes to cleaning up messes and has very little lint, so it is suitable for staining projects.

White Towels- From polishing to dusting, you can depend on our white towels to be absorbent. These particular textiles can be used in various locations including homes and businesses.

If you are interested in buying any of the custodial supplies listed above or on our website, you can call us at (888) 215-8216 right away. We will place your order and determine a timeframe for delivery, so you can prepare to start using custodial supplies from us.