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Painting Supplies to Help with Cleanup

Wholesale Wiping RagsPainting can get a little messy, even if you are a professional. It is essential to wear clothes that you do not mind spilling paint on because it can ruin clothes. You should also have quality rags to wipe your hands on and clean up any mess in case of accidental spills. Check out three of our painting rags you will enjoy using while on the job.

Color Fleece- This is mainly sweatshirt material which makes it soft and absorbent. You can use this product for heavy-duty cleanup jobs.

White Sheets- These low-lint sheets are ideal for staining purposes. If you are preparing on staining a piece of furniture, you should use a material that has very little lint.

New White Knit- With a mixture of woven wipers and t-shirt material, you will enjoy the feel and practicality of this rag. This t-shirt rag is ideal for wiping the paint off of your hands.

Color Knit- If you are looking for a well-priced wiper that can tackle almost any job, the color knit is the perfect choice for you. It is suitable for general cleanup.

No matter what job is ahead of you for the day, you can depend on Reclaimed Textiles for high-quality wholesale wiping rags. Call us at (888) 215-8216 to place your order today.