Wiping Rags

Where to Find Wiping Rags Suitable for All Uses

When you’re working on machinery, vehicles, or any other task that results in a lot of dirt and oil everywhere, you can keep your space clean by having several wiping rags handy. Since you’re using these cloths to wipe up dirt, grime, grease, and other messes that occur during hard work, you shouldn’t spend too much money on them. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find durable, long-lasting gas and oil wiping rags that can stand up to whatever you can throw at them, so it’s important to get them from a reputable dealer who understands exactly what you need. Companies like Reclaimed Textiles provide a full range of new and reclaimed wiping rags, towels, and cloths suitable for all uses.

Keep a Variety of Fabric Materials on Hand

Depending on the job you’re handling, you may need a different type of fabric for different types of messes. It’s a good idea to keep a few different types of cloths or rags around just in case you need one for absorbing a spill, another for wiping grease from tools, and one for cleaning your tools when you’re done. There are many types of fabric rags available including terry cloth, knit rags, fleece towels, flannel cloths, and standard cotton towels. Keep a few of each to make sure your workspace stays safe and clean.